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Loyal Customers

Posted by Jose Rueda on Feb 28th 2014


Our Loyalty Discount Program is simple... as you keep placing orders your pricing gets better and better. Each Discount status you earn stays with your account for life!

The Loyalty Discount program works as follows: The more you spend at cobratac the higher your discount will be, all discounts earned are permanently applied to your account.

For Example: If today you spend $125.00 you will be upgraded to Silver Discount Status, on your next order when you log in you will see your new discounted pricing. Lets assume you came back next week and placed a $450 order, you will get the silver discount on the $450 order and also be upgraded to the Gold level Status so your next time you log in, the website will show even lower prices. Your discount status never expires and never goes away, it only upgrades to bigger and better discounts.

so for instance if you earn a 5% (Silver Status) discount you will have that discount every time you log into your account, your discounted pricing will show. Below is a break down of the customer status you can earn.

Loyalty Status Life Time Order Volume Discount

Silver Status: Spend more than $100 5%

Gold Status: Spend more than $500 8%

Platinum Status: Spend more than $1000 Earn it and find out!

Diamond Status Spend more than $2500 Almost Dealer pricing!

Diamond Plus Status: Spend more than $5000 Ridiculously big Discount

The discounts can become huge!! So as you buy more products your pricing will get better and better. We promise you will be very happy with the discounts that you earn!