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3 Ways to improve shooting and accuracy Today

Posted by Jose Rueda on Jul 6th 2015

Want to be a great shooter? Whether you’re in tactical competition or real-world confrontation, developing skill sets found on this list of shooting skills will enhance your performance on the range and under fire.

1. See Fast, Decide Fast

To shoot or not to shoot, that is the question. Deciding to shoot is the crux of the matter, really, and every shot must occur because of your informed decision to shoot.

Watch the hands for weapons that can kill, know the law, and act fast very fast. Mental reflexes are the foundation here. Are you justified? Is it time to perform? Using shoot/no-shoot target training along with a variety of realistic scenario-based training can help hone this skill. What if-gaming and having a pre-determined tactical mindset will help too.

2. Rapid Target Acquisition

Target shot at center mass.You see the threat, you’ve made the decision to aim center mass, now it’s time to get the sights lined up and on target and whether you’re holding a long gun or a concealed handgun, getting sights on target quickly is paramount to your success in a gunfight. Your vision needs to go from the target/threat to the sights in this scenario and this vision transition is absolutely essential and often overlooked. Using a natural point of aim and your pointer (index) finger to aim, helps with a quick target acquisition or TA.

3. Smooth Trigger Pull

Many people can line up the sights correctly, but as soon pressure is applied on the trigger, the sights wobble. Arc of movement aside, shooters who have the focus to concentrate on both the sights and a smooth trigger all the way through the break, will have the best success. I bet you’ve heard this one a million times: watch the sights all the way through a smooth trigger.

Avoid convulsing the hand, rushing the shot, slapping the trigger or anticipating the recoil. Practice with double action only (DAO) and double action/single action (DA/SA) triggers and realize no two triggers are alike.