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How to Buy Guns Online

How to Buy Guns Online

Posted by Chris M on Jun 12th 2018

Steps to Buying a Gun Online:

Make sure you are eligible to purchase a firearm. And is the gun legal:

  1. You must be 18 or older to purchase a rifle or shotgun and 21 or older to purchase a handgun.
  2. You are responsible for compliance to your local and state laws.
  3. Be aware of restrictions on extended magazines and certain types of AR-15 style rifles.

Choose an Federal Firearms License Dealer:

  1. Contact your local Federal Firearms Licence dealer and inform them that you would like to have your firearm shipped to their store for pickup. Leave out not details regards the firearm and answer every question fully.
  2. Ask your local Federal Firearms Licence dealer about any fee regarding your transfer. If you agree to the terms arrange to complete the transfer.
  3. Provide your local Federal Firearms Licence dealer with your mailing address, email address, and or fax number of your online retailer so that the FLL can send proof of their licence. Also let your retailer know who your FLL is and the address to which they will be sending the firearm.
  4. During checkout you specify a Federal Firearms Licensee near you who transfers the firearm to you, after successful background check if needed.


Even though you’re going to be excited to get your gun home for the first time and to the range or farmland, do not exit the dealer until you have fully inspected the gun to make sure that there are no damaged parts. If you do find damaged parts in your new gun, refuse the transfer, and make the FLL aware of your problem. Any reputable retailer will arrange to have your firearm replaced at no cost. If you have any questions about your firearm ask your FLL questions. Once you accept the transfer, your sale is final.