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Gen 2 Fire Hog Blast Mitigation System

Gen 2 Fire Hog Blast Mitigation System

Posted by Chris M on Feb 12th 2020

Fire Hog blast mitigation system

See Our line of Modular Fire Hog Flash/Blast Mitigation System Here: 

The Gen 2 FireHog Mod-FMC is a linear style Flash/Blast Mitigation System. This device is designed to mitigate all 180 Degree muzzle blast and direct it down range at an approx 60 degree angle. The Gen 2 Fire Hog is inspired by the Bulgarian krinkov SBR can brake. The Gen 2 Fire Hog incorporates innovative performance enhancing design that takes the Fire Hog Mod FMC into class of it's own. 

fire hog 3 stage linear device explained

The 3 piece design features a 3 stage flash/blast mitigation system like no other. The Fire Hog 3 Stage system is broken down as follows:

  • Stage 1 Compensation - as the projectile leaves the muzzle it enters into the expansion chamber. The chamfered inner walls in the entrance to the expansion chamber start mitigating gasses away from the projectile. As the projectile reaches the Compensation baffle, 95% of the gasses are redirected into the expansion chamber where expansion occurs
  • Stage 2 Expansion - as the projectile enters the blast mitigation zone, the gasses that were redirected into the expansion chamber start to cool and expand and finally make their way out towards the mitigation zone
  • Stage 3 Blast mitigation - As the projectile makes its way down the mitigation zone, the initial gasses redirected into the expansion chamber enter the mitigation zone where they further cool and expand. the mitigation zone is sharply convex shaped and designed to eject the muzzle blast down range instead of ejecting at 180 degrees like conventional brakes and compensators do.

The end result is Night and Day! The Fire Hog Mod FMC blast mitigation system is paramount to those who need to train in close quarters with live ammunition who do not want to annoy others with their extra violent SBR muzzle blast signatures. 

See Our line of Modular Fire Hog Flash/Blast Mitigation System Here: 

Most people have different names for the same type of krinkov based device such as : Krink can, krinkov Blast Can, Flash Can, Concussion Redirection Device, Blast Forwarding Device, Blast mitigation device, Muzzle Sound Redirector, Linear Compensator, Blast Jacket, Blast Shield, Blast Diverter Redirector Sleeve, Blast Diffuser etc... But none of them compare to the superior performance of the Fire Hog Mod-FMC Blast Mitigation System.

Fire Hog 3 piece modular system

The Fire Hog system is designed to be a fully modular and interchangeable for use with any setup. The entire assembly is designed to be taken apart and cleaned or serviced as needed. The Fire Hog thread adapters will be available in all commonly used by thread patterns and double as 13/16-16 threaded solvent trap adapters. The Fire Hog system can be interchanged with any of the MOD variants and the Fire hog adapters and brakes will be sold separately so that our customers can pick and choose what they would like to use for their setup.

The expansion can itself will come in 3 styles: 

  1. Mod FMC - a fully enclosed expansion chamber with blast mitigation baffle installed
  2. Mod FH and Mod CM - are slightly shorter and feature either a flash hider or compensator brake attached to the open faced Fire Hog Blast Mitigation can.
  3. Mod FC is simply just a linear muzzle blast mitigation device that can be used with any of the available fire hog thread adapters.

Basic Gen 2 Fire Hog Specs:

  • Material: 7075 T7 Can, 4150 CMV Steel Baffle
  • Finish: Can Type III Anodized Combat Black / Baffle qpq nitride
  • Weight: 
    • Mod FMC - 4.23 oz. ultra Light 3 piece design 
    • Mod FH,CM - 3.2 oz complete assembly
    • Mod FC - 1.8 oz
  • Length:
    • Mod FMC - 3"
    • Mod FH,CM,FC - 2.75"
  • Outer Diameter: 1.41"
  • Thread: Available in all major thread patterns
    • 1/2-28 (.223/5.56/ Many 9MM)
    • 1/2-36 (6.8SPC/9MM)
    • 5/8-24 (.308/7.62/350 legend/6.5 Grendel/6.5 Creedmoor/300 AAC Blackout)
    • 5/8-32 (.450 bushmaster/.458 socom/8mm)