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Best AR-15 Charging Handles In Stock Now


What is a "charging handle" ? A charging handle isa device used to "cock" or Charge the Weapon and make ready for fire. it is the part of the gun that, when pulled all the way back, moves the hammer, striker or bolt into the ready position, allowing the gun to be fired. In addition, the charging handle also has a number of other functions. The charging handle can be used to Ejecting spent shells or unfired rounds, Clear stoppages such as jams, misfires, or double feeds, The Charging Handle can be used to Verify that the weapon is clear of rounds or other obstructions, ETC...

A charging handle can take many forms: on most firearms, it occurs as a hook from the side of the bolt, such as on AK-pattern rifles. On AR-pattern rifles, the charging handle is located forward of the stock and underneath the carrying handle/optic mount.


We stock all of the major style charging handles including : AR charging handle, raptor charging handles, bcm charging handles, radian raptor, ar10 charging handle, ambidextrous charging handles, Gas Buster Handles and more