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** Due to overwhelming order volume and general questions, We are prioritizing existing order questions over other emails... If you have an issue with your order the fastest way to get a response is to log in to your account and go to your order history and send a direct message about the order. using the general email contact us will have a much further delay being your question will be in line with the thousands of emails we receive on a daily basis.**

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Order Status Info: 

  • Awaiting Fulfilment - order has been confirmed as paid, stock availability is being confirmed and picked for shipment (0-2 days normal/2-3 days during holidays)
  • Shipping In Que - Orders items have been secured and are being packaged for shipment in order they were received  (1-2 days normal/3-5 Biz days during holidays)
  • Shipped - Your order has been handed to the shipping carrier, and order tracking info appended to order. (0-1 days normal/1-2 biz days during holidays)